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Shipping Information

Fast Worldwide Shipping
We ship shoes worldwide by DHL or EMS. DHL is our defaulted shipment method, DHL and EMS can ship to almost all countries and areas.

You will get a confirmation email for your order (Sometimes it goes to your trash bin, Please check the purchasing shoe info, Address, and contacts) after you finish your payment successfully. Your Order may take from 1~3 days to process. We will email you the DHL or EMS tracking number in about 2~4 days. If it is an EMS tracking number, You have to wait for another 24—48 hours before you can look up the delivery information online.

Below are the timeframes for International Shipping:

US Canada (4-10 Business Day)
Brazil (7-10 Business Day)

UK France Spain Portugal Netherlands (5-10 Business Day)
Other European Union (28 Countries) (7-12 Business Day)

Japan Singapore Hongkong (5-10 Business Day)
Russia (7-10 Business Day)

Australia (5-10 Business Day)
New Zealand (7-15 Business Day)
Other Countries (7-15 Business Day)

Your package’s arrival depends on different factors. Occasional delay in processing time or cancellation of order may occur when an item was purchased is on backorder or out of stock. Please note that we are not responsible for delay caused by:

Your package is subject to go through Customs. And it may be delayed by Customs processing.

Bad weather can also be a factor to cause delay.

Even though we try our best to dispatch the items to you asap, courier companies doesn’t work on weekends or other holidays. So it may cause the delay, too.

D.Insufficient shipping information.
Without complete address, we cannot arrange to dispatch the item to you correctly. Moreover, please also attach your tel#. It is helpful for courier company to contact you when the item reaches your location.

E.Other unexpected factors
such as traffic accident that we never expect.

If you have any questions regarding Shipping Info, please CONTACT US at [email protected]. Your email will usually be answered within 24 hours.